Packback is experiencing delays


The delay affecting the above systems has been resolved, and grading as well as other features should now be performing as expected. Grade reports can now be downloaded as normal.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused during the delay. Our product team will conduct a full postmortem into the issue and have already taken some steps to prevent it from happening again.


The Packback platform is currently experiencing delays in all “queue” based systems, including:

  • Displaying student posts on their profile after posting
  • Updating the learner leaderboard
  • Sending scheduled emails (Gradebook Download, Professor Insights Emails)

This issue is affecting professors’ ability to download grade report files. Our product team recommends utilizing the “Custom Date Range” report generator as a short term workaround to ensure you can download a grade report without delay.

This issue is NOT affecting data integrity, students ability to join or access their communities, or students’ ability to make posts.

2 Affected Services: